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drop down boxes merge in more categroies section


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    avasamall started the conversation

    please refer given attachment for my concern 

    in thtat when i click on more categories its component merges all dropdown boxes in single Means, it combines all the dropdown in single .

    Please give me some solution !!

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    Support replied


    I'm not sure why you want to do that but we don't have that option.

    We just show children categories of the selected category.

    If you want to customize it, you need to change in platform/themes/shopwise/partials/header.blade.php 

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    avasamall replied

    hello there 

    i don't want to merge deop down boxes it merge automatically i want to solve it. please refer link and click on 

    All CATEGORIES -> More Categories -> look at my problem !!

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    Support replied

    You don't want to have the "More categories+" button?

    You have to remove it in platform/themes/shopwise/partials/header.blade.php