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Order, Payment Status and Payment Method Translate


  • Finisher23 started the conversation

    Hello, altough i completed all translations,

    I am not able translate these ones. Check photo please. 

    How can i translate them?

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    Support replied


    For payment method, you can change its name in Admin -> Payment -> Payment methods.


    For order's status, you can translate it in Admin -> Translations -> Admin translations:


    After selecting group plugins/ecommerce/order, you will see a list order's statuses to translate at the bottom.


    It's same for payment status, select group plugins/payment/payment.

    FYI: We are on Tet holiday from Feb 10 to Feb 16, 2021. We will back to support on Feb 17, 2021 in our time UTC+7.

    If it's not urgent, please wait until we are back on Feb 17.

  • Finisher23 replied


    I've done all of these steps. And also defined my language as default in theme options. But still i have this problem. Translations working great, only these ones are not working.

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    Support replied


    Can you give us access to your site to check it? If you have translated it, it should work as normal.